Video Proposals

"They (video proposals) have the potential to change the world, especially for remote communities. I found the approach so engaging and beneficial." Decent Gaura, MiG Participant. 

We facilitate the creation of video proposals. We use participatory approaches and digital tools to support community organisations to develop skills to plan their projects, produce their own videos and pitch their ideas to funders. Video Proposals are made using simple smart-phone/mobile technologies, doing away with lengthy written applications that exclude key knowledgeable players from engaging in local food systems innovation and transformation. Communities are able to take the lead, in their own language and their own way. Making a video proposal allows communities to represent themselves and to easily review their project plans together as part of the video-making process; promoting social inclusion and collaboration throughout the process. The audio-visual medium of video enables funders to gain an immediate sense of place and purpose. Instead of an application that requires written skills inline with a specific formula, we are 'with' the video-makers- hearing and seeing their hopes and dreams.

Watch some example Video Proposals below: 


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