Between October 2020 and July 2021, several workshops have been hosted online by the Institute for Sustainable Food, involving 32 Zimbabwean organisations in total (18 NGOs and 14 CBOs), and roughly 45 individuals. More than 125 hours of workshops have been facilitated thus far by Dr. Richardson-Ngwenya and team for the partner organisations.


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Make it Grow is now taking up publicity opportunities to support the fundraising efforts of the community project groups involved. In May 2021 we participated in Planet to Plate: a three-day festival of talks, performances and live events hosted by the Institute for Sustainable Food, where we showcased the work of our participants and the impact of our project. Check out our article about our participation in the festival!

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Zimfest is the largest annual gathering and celebration in North America of students, teachers, performers, and fans of all-things Zimbabwean.

Hosting a compilation of some of the world's most talented teachers and performers of Zimbabwe music, culture and education, the Make It Grow project was honoured to featured in Zimfest 2021.

Check out the concert livestream below!

Research Activities 

Make it Grow is hosting four University of Sheffield students to undertake research placements or internships, via the SURE scheme and the Graduate Internship Scheme. Research topics include: Participant Experiences of and Reflections on Spaces of Inclusion or Exclusion; Community Project Impact Pathway Analysis. 

Video Proposals

With several video proposals now completed, groups have been supported to set up independent fundraising pages to crowdfund for their community-based sustainable food projects. Please see Video Proposals below for some examples.

Jairos Jiri Association is raising funds to purchase a solar vegetable drier for 57 families with and of persons with disabilities and increase their participation in community development in Chivi district, Zimbabwe.

Existing Research Papers on Video Proposals:

Experience with participatory video proposals: assisting community organisations with innovation project planning, Pamela Ngwenya, Maria Jose Restrepo Rodriguez, Raul Fernandez, Brigitte Kaufmann.

Participatory Video Proposals: A Tool for Empowering FarmerGroups in Transdisciplinary Innovation Processes?, Pamela Ngwenya, Maria Jose Restrepo Rodriguez, Raul Fernandez, Brigitte Kaufmann.


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