Arcturus Community Peace and Livelihoods Sustainability Project


Gateway fellows from the Organisation of Rural Associations for Progresss (ORAP) hope to unite a politically and religiously divided community in the Mashonaland East Province, through the running of a poultry project in the Arcturus mining village.

Gateway Fellows in the Arcturus mining village situated 32km out of Harare, are part of a community that has stood firm and strong in the face of great adversity. Instead of falling into hopelessness, destitution and frustration resulting from circumstances surrounding the closure of the mine that sustained their livelihoods in 2016, the community has learnt to self-organise in addressing the challenges they face daily. 

Helping those in need

One of their intentions is to set up a poultry project, aimed at generating income, alleviating poverty and bringing peace and sustainability to the community. Through a two-month pilot programme, 25 members of the community selected from across the political and religious divide will be trained on how to run a successful enterprise of raising and selling broiler chickens.

The proceeds from the project will be used to support the most vulnerable and disadvantaged members of the community, improving livelihoods and bringing peace and togetherness.  

"This will bring peace and unity amongst our community members despite religious and political affiliation. Furthermore, this will reduce poverty and improve the livelihoods of people in the community."

The Gateway Fellowship is an 18-month program by Gateway Zimbabwe. It involves five 5-day intensive modules to cultivate knowledge of social processes, inner work practices and nature observation, to be applied to social change and community engagement.

Gateway Zimbabwe is a co-creation of Kufunda, ORAP and Trust Africa with a purpose to catalyse agency, enhance social cohesion, build healthy communities and contribute to reweaving the social fabric of Zimbabwe.

To donate to this specific project, please visit: Community Peace & Livelihoods Sustainability by Organisation of Rural Associations for Progress | GivenGain

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