Let's Eat! Food Processing for Nutritional Security and Income Generation in Chibuwe


A campaign by Participatory Organic Research and Extension Training (PORET) based in Chibuwe, Manicaland Province, to help farmers process food which may be otherwise lost for the future.

PORET is a community-based organisation working in the low-lying parts of Chimanimani District in south-eastern Zimbabwe. With only 300mm of rainfall a year, the farmers in this area often experience chronic hunger. PORET provides training in permaculture and agroecology techniques, helping the farmers to work with nature to grow the food they need and ensure the land regenerates.

Helping those in need

This project is working specifically with Chibuwe Village in Hotsprings, Ward 5. Working closely with 15 farmers in this village, primarily women, our aim is to develop a strong food processing practise. The project will provide training in different methods and the necessary equipment to enable the farmers to process surplus foods. These can then be eaten out of season or sold at the market.

Although in a semi-arid area, Chibuwe and its surrounds offer a diverse range of wild fruits. This project will sustainably harvest these fruits, and by preserving them, will increase the nutritional security of the farmers throughout the year. Vegetables and fruits that are grown by the farmers will also be preserved through drying and cold pressing. This project will have a huge impact on the food security of the village, with a particular focus on nutrition as these foods will help to provide important nutrients during the hungry times.

"The project was an ideal learning situation and the series was exciting throughout and I hope to do a refresher course after two months." Grace Gumba, learning secretary for the PORET Trust.

The funds that are raised will go towards the food processing equipment, including a large solar dryer that will be managed by the community and a cold pressing machine.

This campaign is part of the Institute for Sustainable Food's Make it Grow project. PORET's learning secretary Grace Gumba, who you'll see as the narrator in the clip, co-created the video after taking part in the participatory video course run online by our project.

To donate to this specific project, please visit: Global online fundraising for charities | GivenGain

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