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Please contact us to enquire about procuring a bespoke workshop series for your organisation

We offer a range of services including:

  • Workshop-based training on how to make & facilitate community video proposal

  • Support for social impact-oriented research and for video-based project reporting and evaluation

  • Consultancy services on grant applications for community-based projects

The Make it Grow video proposal workshop series is designed to support participants in using video more effectively, as a powerful tool to communicate, to learn, to document and gain support for community-based food projects. The course is practical and highly interactive, aiming to create an online space for mutual support and knowledge exchange between participating individuals, communities or organisations.

Our online workshop series generally involves a small learning group in 10-12 workshops over a period of 9-12 weeks. Each workshop session is about 2.5 hours including a break. Through weekly practical tasks and interactive group learning processes, we work to build up basic video-making skills. By the end of the series, each group is supported to plan a community project and produce a video proposal.

In the workshop series, we take a participatory and practical approach, learning about video-making by doing it and having fun along the way. Participants are required to spend at least 3 hours per week between sessions, engaging with course materials and working on short video-making tasks.

Participatory Video Stories

The first half of the workshop series builds up basic video-making skills and by Workshop 5, participants create and edit a 60-second video story that effectively shares key insights from a current community project.

Participatory Video Proposals

The second half of the workshop series is focused on how to plan a project in a collaborative way, how to make a video proposal and how this can be used as a fund-raising tool. By the end of the workshops, participants create a video proposal for their own purposes, that showcases an idea for a community-based food project.

Graphic Recording

We create vibrant and engaging documentation of the workshops by recording the sessions (not for sharing) and through live graphic/visual note-taking. This provides the participants with the opportunity to revisit the session if there are network issues. The visual notes make the information accessible to all. 

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