Jengeta Huni (Wood-Saving) Stove Project


The Kufunda Outreach Team, as part of the Organisation of Rural Associations for Progress (ORAP) is campaigning to save trees, restore ecosystems and empower women within the local communities. 

Kufunda Learning Village, established in 2003 just outside Harare, is committed to supporting communities in collectively finding and implementing sustainable solutions to challenges. One of its focus areas is eco-technology where different technologies and techniques are explored and experimented with. The Jengeta Huni (wood-saving) stoves are one such experiment that has proved successful and has become popular with the Kufunda Village community. 

The Kufunda Outreach Team plans on conducting workshops to train women in the nearby communities on how to make the jengeta huni stoves. Starting with just a few women, they will have these "women's circles", stimulating conversations around pertinent issues of sustainability and conservation. The initial group of trainees will then become the trainers of other women, facilitating more workshops, so that the skill of making the wood-saving stoves is shared and spread to more and more communities.

"The project will bring communities together, building relationships and cohesion."

The Gateway Fellowship is an 18-month program by Gateway Zimbabwe. It involves five 5-day intensive modules to cultivate knowledge of social processes, inner work practices and nature observation, to be applied to social change and community engagement.Gateway Zimbabwe is a co-creation of Kufunda, ORAP and Trust Africa with a purpose to catalyze agency, enhance social cohesion, build healthy communities and contribute to reweaving the social fabric of Zimbabwe.

This video proposal was created by the Gateway Fellows themselves, through engagement in the "Make it Grow" participatory video workshop series, which supported the development of video-making skills, project planning and proposal-making.

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