Youth Participation in Development Discourse through Egg Production


A project by the Organisation of Rural Associations for Progress (ORAP) that aims at improving Youths participation in Development Discourse in Chikukwa Village, Chimanimani.

Gateway Fellows in Chikukwa Village, Manicaland are at the helm of the "Chikukwa Youth For Action" community group, composed of young men and women working together to address prevailing challenges of drug abuse and early child marriages. The youth in the area lack employment and income opportunities, with added challenges and setbacks to the community brought about through Cyclone Idai.

Helping those in need

Their latest project idea, an egg production project, came as a response to the scarcity of eggs in the local shops. This was due to shop-owners avoiding the high costs of travelling to procure the delicate commodity to stock up their stores. The Youth For Action Group saw this as an opportunity to produce eggs locally and sell to the local business clientele.

This project is set to empower and unite the youths, who will have ways of making better use of their time and abstain from alcohol and drug abuse and other risky behaviours. Engaging the youth to participate in such a project promises to accelerate development within the community of Chikukwa.

"This project will help us to unite our youths, to reduce the rate of drug abuse and help address the issue of early/child marriages"

The Gateway Fellowship is an 18-month program by Gateway Zimbabwe. It involves five 5-day intensive modules to cultivate knowledge of social processes, inner work practices and nature observation, to be applied to social change and community engagement.

Gateway Zimbabwe is a co-creation of Kufunda, ORAP and Trust Africa with a purpose to catalyse agency, enhance social cohesion, build healthy communities and contribute to reweaving the social fabric of Zimbabwe.

The video proposal was created by the Gateway Fellows themselves through engagement in the "Make it Grow" participatory video workshop series, which supported the development of video-making skills, project planning and proposal-making. "Make it Grow" is a Knowledge Exchange project from the Institute for Sustainable Food at the University of Sheffield.

To donate to this specific project, please visit: Chikukwa Youth For Action" Egg Production Project by Organisation of Rural Associations for Progress | GivenGain.

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