Make It Grow

Supporting community-based, sustainable food initiatives to build capacity and create video proposals, in order to attract start-up (including crowd-sourced) funds and small grants.

Make It Grow is a Knowledge Exchange project for the Institute for Sustainable Food, University of Sheffield, supported by the UKRI's Economic and Social Research Council


Main Areas of Focus

Development of digital learning tools

We devise resources to support straightforward ways of enhancing the social inclusion, production and dissemination of video proposals for community groups and facilitators.

Facilitation of capacity-building workshops and online learning spaces

We provide tools and facilitate online spaces to enable individuals, groups and organisations to build their video-making capacities, particularly for the purpose of creating community-based, participatory video proposals. 

Collaboration with international donors

We work with the United Nations Development Programme's Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme and other donors, to support and pilot the integration of video proposals into their grant management and application process. 

Support and advocacy for community-based sustainable food initiatives

Through our social media channels, we provide support for the community partners that we work with by promoting their videos. Public events and video screenings are organised to support the fundraising efforts and raise awareness about sustainable food issues. 

This is our story

The Make it Grow project was borne from a need to support grassroots community organisations to use video to effectively share their stories and pitch their project ideas. The workshop is designed to support participants in using video more effectively, as a powerful tool to communicate, to learn, to document and gain support for community-based food projects. Our learning programme is practical and highly interactive, aiming to create an online space for mutual support and knowledge exchange between participating individuals, communities or organisations.


Facilitated Video Proposals 

Organisation of Rural Associations for Progress (ORAP) is raising funds for their goat rearing project for improved nutrition, better livelihoods and women empowerment.

Jairos Jiri Association is raising funds to purchase a solar vegetable drier for 57 families with and of persons with disabilities and increase their participation in community development in Chivi district, Zimbabwe.


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