Horticulture and Chicken Breeding Project


The Vision Africa Community Working Group are raising funds for their Horticulture and Chicken Breeding Project to tackle unemployment, a lack of economic empowerment, and poverty.

Based in Kadoma, Sanyati District, the Group ultimately wish to eradicate poverty by creating self-sustenance within the community via sustainable food production.

The project will involve the production of horticultural vegetables and broiler chicken production, with the by-product of each being sustainable: the waste manure from the broilers will be used as manure for the horticulture, whilst the waste from the horticulture will be used as a supplement food for the broilers.

The project has many anticipated outcomes, including increased employment throughout the community, resulting in the alleviation of poverty, whilst also increasing food and nutritional security in a sustainable way.

This campaign development has been supported by the Institute for Sustainable Food's Make it Grow project. Ellaine Manyere and Tamanda Amosi co-created this campaign video proposal after taking part in a participatory video workshop series run virtually by Dr. Pamela Richardson-Ngwenya at the Institute for Sustainable Food

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