Yemurai Goat Project


Organisation of Rural Associations for Progress (ORAP) is raising funds for their goat rearing project for improved nutrition, better livelihoods and women empowerment.

Goromonzi in Mashonaland East, has seen an increase in livestock death over the previous years due to tick-borne diseases. Because the local community relies on local livestock for consumption, this has led to a nutritional deficit and affected incomes. The Yemurai Women's group has ventured into goat rearing to revive the livestock business and improve livelihoods. However, their plans go beyond making a profit.

The all women's group plans to invite more girls and women to join their group as a means to empower them. They also want to start a feeding programme where they will assist malnourished children from vulnerable backgrounds among other community-centric activities.

"It has been an amazing journey with Make it Grow, I never imagined myself making something so useful that can change our lives using my smartphone. I discovered the other side of me I never knew. I'm so much in love with my camera and I will continue to make videos for my community." - Nester Pfumvute.

This campaign development has been supported by the Institute for Sustainable Food's Make it Grow project at The University of Sheffield. Members of ORAP created this campaign video proposal after taking part in a participatory video workshop series run virtually by Dr. Pamela Richardson-Ngwenya at the Institute for Sustainable Food.

To donate to this specific project, please visit: Yemurai Goat Project by Organisation of Rural Associations for Progress | GivenGain

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